The Best Type Of CRM For Your Clinic

John Selwan
October 6, 2022
· 8 min read
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More and more clinic owners are realizing the importance of CRMs (Customer Relationship Management). The simple use of spreadsheets isn’t enough and the need for sophisticated digital tools is growing.

If you are among the clinic owners that want to leverage technology to automate tasks and grow your revenue. Below are the different benefits of the best type of CRM. 

8 Reasons why you should choose a cloud-based CRM for your Clinic

1-Reduction of operational costs

Traditionally, when you wanted to install the software in your clinic, you would need servers, installation, storage space, and an “IT guy” that would constantly need to come if anything happened. 

With a cloud-based CRM, all you need is a device and an internet connection. 

That’s it.

The difference in operational costs is huge and it’s a no-brainer to see the difference.

2- It’s Hassle-free 

Another benefit of having to use only a device and an internet connection is that it’s very easy to begin. You usually just need to create an account, transfer your data and you can start using the CRM right away.

No more waiting to set up everything, buy the equipment, and get the training.

3-Reliable operations

One last benefit from the simplicity of its setup is that it’s very reliable. No matter what happens in your clinic, you will always have your CRM and data available as long you have a device and internet connection. 

It doesn’t matter if a staff member gets sick, you get electricity problems, or any kind of disturbance in operations, it will always be there.

As reliable as is gets.

4-Automatic updates

What if there is an update with a cloud-based CRM? It’s done automatically. All the new features, new user interface, and improvements in speed are done on the spot, with just a refresh. 

Your CRM stay up to date over the years with the current improvement in technology.

5-Flexibility potentials 

This may be the greatest benefit of cloud-based CRM. The ability to be anywhere and have access to all the data, calendar, and files. If a patient calls late at night and you need to check a file, you can do it directly from your phone. 

Also, a lot of doctors, dentists, and physiotherapists have often more than one clinic, the same cloud-based system could be used for all of them. It makes it flexible to all kinds of setups.

6-High security levels

Security levels are a very serious concern for cloud-based CRM. It’s the medical data of your patients and since it’s not stored by you, you need to make sure that the security levels of the vendors are up to standards

What you should look for is HIPAA compliance. 

HIPAA which stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, establishes a set of security standards for protecting specific health information. You can read more about what businesses need to do to be HIPAA compliant here.

7-Seamless collaboration 

The internet is big and interconnected. Cloud-based CRM uses this to its advantage. You need an app, a tool, or a feature that is not available in the CRM? 

You can integrate other software into the one you are using with the use of API. (Application programming interface)

If you have big machines that you want to add their settings to a specific session, you can make it automatic.

Need email, or SMS reports of sessions within a certain timeframe, you can automate that as well.

The applications are endless and specific to your needs.


Having a CRM that is affordable is essential for your clinic. Software used to have huge upfront fees, installation costs, and maintenance fees. All this cost was eating from your potential profit.

The good news is that Cloud-based CRMs are very affordable. Usually, less than 3 digit price per month to get everything you need: customer service, updates, and reliability. Since the biggest hard cost of CRM companies are server costs and marketing, it allows them to keep the price very affordable.


Thus far, we have covered a lot of reasons to choose a cloud-based solution for your clinic. These solutions offer cost savings and security benefits that can improve your practice and ultimately your bottom line. 

Clinic owners don't have to look far to find new solutions that can make all the difference in productivity and efficiency. They are now available.

One of the options is this.

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