Our Projects


Transforming CableVision's Operations with an Advanced Internal System. Effortlessly Schedule and Manage Installation Requirements, Clients, and Timings. Unleash Unprecedented Transparency for Clients, Providing Clear Insights into the System Team's Arrival, Scope of Work, and Estimated Timeframes. Efficiency Redefined for Seamless Installation Experiences.


Collaborating with Limbic's London Team, We Developed a Groundbreaking AI Therapist Assistant. Revolutionizing the Therapy Landscape, Our App Acts as a Companion to Therapists, Providing Support During and After Sessions. Ensuring Ongoing Patient Engagement, the App Regularly Checks in, Delivering Personalized Assistance for Optimal Support and Well-being

GXVE Beauty by Gwen Stefany

Collaborating with New York's CauseOfAKind Team, HBTech Delivered a Remarkable Digital Experience. Introducing the Award-Winning Project 'GXVE Beauty,' Curated by Gwen Stefani Herself. Setting New Standards in UI/UX Design, Our Innovative Solution Captivated the Industry, Earning the Prestigious Webby Award

Cake in a can

The HBTech team entered the F&B market with Cake in a can, the delicious dessert taking over the world. We handled the marketing, website, 3D renders and social media of Cake in a Can while building the kitchens, developing the product and launching it into the marketplace.


Kliniki is the leading All-in-one, fully customizable, management platform in the industry. Suitable for medical professionals, tattoo artists, lawyers, beauty clinics and many more.

VivaLynx By Rewire Health

In Close Collaboration with Rewire Health, We Co-created the Cutting-Edge Solution: VivaLynx. Revolutionizing Medication Management and Emergency Response, Our Product Offers Vital Support and Peace of Mind. Enabling the Elderly to Lead Fulfilling Lives, VivaLynx Embodies Innovation and Care

Pack Elephant

Joining Forces with the Esteemed CauseOfAKind Team, HBTech Spearheaded the Creation of Pack Elephant. From Website to Dashboard, We Crafted an All-Inclusive Solution, Empowering Nonprofits with Streamlined Infrastructure. Our Expertise Spanned Internal Admin Dashboard, Client Dashboard, and a Captivating Public-Facing Website. From Design to Production Release, Pack Elephant Revolutionizes Nonprofit Management.

LPK - Lebanese Parkour

In collaboration with E-core pro, the HBTech team built a mobile app coupled with a web platform to help the Lebanese Parkour Association manage their customers, students, payments and certifications to more efficiently run the trainings and learning sessions.

Red Panda

Collaborating Closely with the Esteemed CauseOfAKind Team, HBTech Brought the Red Panda Project to Life. Harnessing the Power of Headless CMS Contentful and Next.js, We Developed a Captivating Website. Unleashing the Full Potential of Digital Storytelling, Red Panda Inspires and Engages Audiences, Fueling a Meaningful Connection with its Cause.

Qudwa - UNICEF

In Collaboration with UNICEF, We Developed a Transformative Mobile App. Dedicated to Enhancing Refugee Camp Experiences, Qudwa Empowers Parents to Better Understand and Nurture Their Children. Through Engaging and Interactive Learning, the App Educates Families on Best Practices, Fostering Growth and Resilience. Enabling Continuous Learning in a Fun and Accessible Manner, Qudwa Unleashes Boundless Potential for Refugee Communities.


In Collaboration with the Linkit-Towbe team, the HBTech team helped develop the Towbe Logistics and VRP system currently used in over 10 projects around the world like the Gozilla Delivery System, the YallaStore mobile app and more.